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Galaxy's Updated Requirements

by Novana.mmx, 7 days ago

Legion is a very action driven expansion. There is much you need to do to keep your character in a good competitive shape, I'm sure we all have become aware of that. Now this isn't being said that you need to do things that are required of a mythic raider. However, in order to keep progressing at the pace that we're capable of - there are certain things that each and every one of you are required to do to better the group as a whole.


Raiding checkpoints: We only raid for 6 hours a week, these times are put in place to make the most out of our time rather than starting 20 minutes late or breaking multiple times during the night. Overall getting the most out of the time we spend raiding.

  • We form 8:50 Server - BEFORE this time you need to be gemmed and enchanted (neck is now a req.) Have pots in bag - flasks already deposited (4/wk). Backup food and extra rolls you will not be able to teleport out to do any of this after 7pm. Bio/drinks/food/dog walks need to be done now because we need to keep breaks to a minimum to maximize uptime.
  • Cauldron is down at 9pm - Be looking for it starting at 7pm, usually it is placed to the left upon arrival at the 1st boss of the night. This is on YOU to look for, there will be no more getting one from X person because you failed to grab one when it was placed. Grab one - wait for last call, then grab another until pot is gone. 
  • Boss is pulled at 9:05 - No exceptions.
  • Break is at 10:30 - Usually within 5 minutes of this depending on trash. Readycheck when break expires (10min). Be back at that time - no exceptions.

Raiding misc: Just a recap on some things we can struggle with.

  • Dying is not funny: I don't care why you are doing it - but laughing that you pulled extra trash or killed yourself during raid time is not funny. Ever. It wastes your time it wastes the guild's time. Now if you wanna swapblast each other during break - whatever - but not to someone who does not enjoy that game. Kill your fellow swapblasting friends instead.
  • Silence during pulls - Non officers or those who have not been given a calling duty should not be speaking during a pull unless extremely necessary - aka you are going to die if you don't speak. Calling out extra things or having even brief conversations is VERY distracting and breaks concentration.
  • Undermining - Those who have been appointed to lead are there for a reason. Stupid comments you find funny during pulls or fight strategy is unnecessary. Also - If you have something you'd like to suggest regarding strategy do so in a constructive way and at the appropriate time. "Can I suggest something?" instead of "No it needs to be done THIS way".
  • Communication - You are always encouraged to talk to officers about things that are bothering you both regarding raiding or things that are happening outside of raid. We will listen and do everything that we can to make sure you are in an enjoyable environment.

Character requirements: Several of you are already 100% on this and don't need to change anything. Some of you need to work on only a few things. Regardless, these are all realistic requirements that each of you needs to be achieving and maintaining.

  • 2nd legendary research - Every one of you should already have this. If you have not started it for whatever reason you have a max of 2 weeks to achieve this.
  • Artifact - A MINIMUM of 35 points at the time of this posting. Then at least 1 point every 2 weeks thereafter - MINIMUM. If you are shy of that work your ass off. Doing a daily heroic and emissary totaling 30 min/day gets you 1.4 mil AP a week - MINIMUM.
  • +10 Mythic - This is your baseline. Both for legendary chance and weekly chest. Many of us do multiple groups throughout the week so there is no excuse.
  • Bonus rolls - This is a given but all 3 rolls/wk need to be purchased. All extra bonus roll events are a requirement. These are the 4 mythic dungeons and timewalking events.

Switching characters: This is always encouraged as long as the spot you are requesting is available and will not upset our melee/ranged composition.

  • Item level - This will obviously change as new content is released but at the time of the post you need to be 865 to join us during normal. For heroic you need to be comparable to your previous character.
  • Loot - From the time you have decided to switch you need to be passing on all rolled loot that is needed by others. We do not need to gear a toon that you are switching off of.
  • Loot priority - For both new characters and switching characters there is a period of 2 weeks from the time you switch that you will not have any loot priority. This means that when loot is being rolled on you only have a chance at it if no one else needs it.


Again all of these things are in place to ensure that we are progressing the best we can as a group and at the pace that we are fully capable of. Our goal is not to be hardcore mythic raiders, but to go at a pace that is appropriate for us, Galaxy.


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About Galaxy

Galaxy's main focus is downing heroic content on a progression basis - this means we go at the pace that is appropriote for our group. We strive to provide and maintain a fun environment in and outside of our raids while still getting serious about downing content when we need to. 

Our raid times are tues/wed/thurs 9-12CST.

Feel free to pm an officer for any info you are still seeking or shoot us an app. We would love to have you onboard w/ us.
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